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About Advance Google Ads Bootcamp

The Advanced Google Ads Bootcamp offers an immersive learning experience tailored for seasoned marketers. Delving into sophisticated areas such as keyword research, ad copywriting, remarketing, and ad optimization, this intensive program equips participants with cutting-edge strategies.

 Attendees will master practical techniques to elevate the performance of their Google Ads campaigns, emphasizing heightened click-through rates, conversions, and ROI. By the bootcamp’s conclusion, participants will possess the expertise to confront intricate advertising hurdles, driving remarkable outcomes in the dynamic digital advertising realm.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Intensive training program designed for seasoned marketers.
  • Comprehensive coverage of advanced topics including keyword research, ad copywriting, remarketing, and ad optimization.
  • Development of practical skills aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns.
  • Emphasis on enhancing click-through rates, conversions, and ROI. Equips marketers with the capability to address intricate advertising challenges.
  • Facilitates the attainment of outstanding outcomes within the digital advertising domain.
  • Instruction on crafting successful Google Ads campaigns tailored for user acquisition, e-commerce, and lead generation.
  • Guidance on tracking and measuring Adwords performance.
  • Insights into optimization strategies to effectively manage spending and avoid ineffective investments in Google Ads.

About Trainer

Rakesh Bhosale


Rakesh Bhosale is a seasoned digital marketing consultant with over 15 years of industry expertise. Specializing in lead generation, demand generation, branding, marketing automation, and digital transformation strategies, Rakesh’s comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience drive remarkable growth and establish strong online presences.

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Google Ads Course Modules

  • Overview of Google Ads and its benefits for businesses
  • How to set up a Google Ads account and create campaigns
  • Introduction to key Google Ads terminology, such as keywords, ad groups, and Quality Score
  • Introduction to keyword research and how to identify relevant keywords for your business
  • How to use keyword tools and data to refine your targeting
  • Best practices for targeting options, including location, device, and language targeting
  • Best practices for creating effective ads, including ad copy, ad extensions, and landing pages
  • How to conduct ad testing and optimization to improve ad performance
  • Using data and insights to measure the success of your ads
  • Search Ads
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Advertising
  • App Install Ads
  • Best practices for managing your Google Ads campaigns, including budgeting, bid management, and ad scheduling
  • How to use data and insights to optimize your campaigns for better performance
  • Introduction to bidding strategies, such as manual bidding and automated bidding
  • Advanced targeting techniques, including remarketing, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences
  • How to use advanced targeting techniques to improve campaign performance
  • Best practices for using targeting options in conjunction with ad creatives to drive conversions
  • How to track conversions and measure the success of your Google Ads campaigns
  • Introduction to Google Analytics and how to use it to track campaign performance
  • Best practices for setting up tracking and measurement for your campaigns
  • Overview of AdWords policies and how to ensure compliance with them
  • Best practices for optimizing your ads and campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Tips for staying up-to-date with changes to the AdWords platform and industry trends

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FAQ's on Google Ads Course

Anyone who wants to use Google Ads to promote their business or brand can benefit from a Google Ads course. This includes business owners, marketing professionals, freelancers, and anyone else who wants to learn how to run effective online advertising campaigns.

Some of the benefits of taking a Google Ads course include learning how to reach your target audience, increasing your website traffic and conversions, and improving your return on investment (ROI) for your advertising spend.

Most Google Ads courses do not have strict prerequisites, but some basic knowledge of digital marketing and advertising concepts can be helpful. Familiarity with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can also be useful.

The duration of a Google Ads course can vary depending on the program you choose. Some courses can be completed in a few hours, while others may take several weeks or months to finish.

The cost of a Google Ads course can vary widely depending on the provider and the level of instruction offered. Some courses may be free, while others can cost several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

A typical Google Ads course covers topics such as creating ads, selecting keywords, targeting audiences, setting budgets, measuring results, and optimizing campaigns for better performance.

Yes, Google offers a range of certification courses for Google Ads, including the Google Ads certification and the Google Ads Display certification. These courses can help you demonstrate your proficiency with the platform to potential employers or clients.