How to Spy on Competitors’ Google Ads: Uncover Strategies with SEMrush Advertising Toolkit

Keyword research plays a crucial role in the success of any advertising campaign. Understanding which keywords, ads, and strategies are yielding success for your competitors allows you to align your Google Ads strategies accordingly, rapidly increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). However, gathering this information is no easy task.

In this blog, we will delve into the process of discovering your business competitors’ Google Ads strategies and the actual keywords they are bidding on, with the help of the powerful SEMrush Advertising Toolkit.

Spying on your competitors’ Google Ads campaigns might have crossed your mind: How much are they spending on Google Ads? What is driving their growth? The answer lies in the magical tool called SEMrush.

SEMrush is an exceptional digital marketing research tool that provides valuable insights on your competitors. It not only offers Google Ads competitor analysis but so much more.

By entering your competitor’s domain into SEMrush, you gain access to a wealth of information, including:

  1. Average monthly budgets
  2. Paid and organic search traffic volume
  3. Number of keywords and their search volumes
  4. Ad positions and their fluctuations over time
  5. CPC estimates
  6. Keywords driving traffic and their percentage contribution
  7. Landing page URLs
  8. Ad copies and their change history
  9. Use of subdomains in advertising
  10. Preview of actual Google Search Result Pages
  11. PLA (Shopping Ads) overview
  12. Video Ads overview
  13. Display (GDN) Advertising insights
  14. Competitor Keywords Overview

You might have prepared a list of industry-specific and business-specific keywords. However, there is always a risk of missing relevant, high-potential terms and phrases. With SEMrush, you can gain a comprehensive overview of the Google Ads keywords your competitors are bidding on.

Analyzing seasonality and tailoring your campaign accordingly is another valuable feature offered by SEMrush. Understanding which keywords advertisers frequently use during specific months enables you to make informed decisions, optimizing your investments for maximum returns.

Let’s explore some of the key reports generated by SEMrush:

  1. Domain Overview Report: Enter the domain you want to analyze, and SEMrush provides an overview of your competitor’s online marketing strategy. You can access details such as estimated spend, ad copy, banner ad images, targeted locations, number of targeted keywords, and an overview of organic traffic.
  2. Advertising Research: SEMrush offers insights into traffic trends over months or years. You can identify short-term, mid-term, or long-term paid campaign strategies, determining whether they follow a seasonal or continuous approach.
  3. Position: Discover the position of your competitor’s targeted keywords, including changes in position, number of new keywords added, lost keywords, and improvements or declines. By analyzing these positions, you can gain ready-made strategies and save time and money on experimenting with new keywords.
  4. Ad Copies Overview: Instead of relying on physical presence in specific countries to view your competitors’ ads, SEMrush provides a solution. With just a few clicks, you can examine PPC ad copies, targeted keywords, and landing page links, giving you valuable insights and ideas for creating your own ad copies.
  5. Ad History: Gain knowledge of your competitor’s previous ad copies, whether they used the same PPC ad copies consistently or employed different strategies. You can analyze their focus on features, offers, or other elements over time.
  6. Landing Pages: Obtain a list of all the landing pages your competitors use for their paid ads. Analyze their design, content, features, and traffic distribution across different types of landing pages.
  7. Paid Competitors: The Competitors report is a powerful tool that helps you identify your true competitors in the paid search world. It reveals






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