Money-Making Clicks: Google Ads Strategy with Keyword Tapering

Money-Making Clicks: Google Ads Strategy with Keyword Tapering

Are you looking to supercharge your Google ads campaign strategy? Ever heard of Keyword Tapering? It’s not just another buzzword; it’s a game-changer in the world of digital advertising. Picture this: evolving beyond the traditional Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to a strategy that promises even better results – that’s Keyword Tapering for you.

Now, SKAGs have been the go-to for many advertisers, but they do have their limitations. Keyword Tapering, developed by the minds at KlientBoost, steps in to overcome these challenges. It’s all about maximizing the learning phase of your campaigns, ensuring you hit the bullseye with your search terms and budget allocation.

Wondering how it works? We’ll guide you through the nitty-gritty, from setting up twin campaigns to extracting those golden search terms and shifting your budget strategically. And the benefits? Clarity in match types, focused budgets for higher ROAS, and a fix for the Exact Match misattribution is

What Is Keyword Tapering?

Keyword Tapering emerges as the answer to SKAGs’ shortcomings. While SKAGs offer a strong foundation, they struggle to keep pace with the dynamic nature of digital advertising. The evolution from SKAGs to Keyword Tapering is a testament to the commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

The Evolution Of SKAGs: Keyword Tapering

Keyword Tapering capitalizes on the initial learning phase of campaigns, ensuring precise targeting. It maintains the level of targeting SKAGs provide, ensuring the integrity of your Exact Match campaigns. This precision is crucial, especially considering the common misconception about the reliability of Exact Match.

How Keyword Tapering Works

Understanding the intricacies of Keyword Tapering is pivotal for successful implementation. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process to unleash the full potential of this strategy.

Broad Match Mining Campaign

Initiate with twin campaigns: one Broad Match and one [Exact Match], both targeting the same keywords with equal budgets. The Broad Match campaign acts as a mining ground, extracting valuable search terms during the learning phase.

[Exact Match] Campaign Winners Circle

The [Exact Match] campaign is where the magic unfolds. As the mining campaign accumulates data, identify the winning search terms. Negative out these terms in the mining campaign before transferring them to the [Exact Match] campaign. This ensures a seamless transition and maintains precision targeting.

Search Terms & Budget Shifting

As you transfer high-value search terms to the [Exact Match] campaign, adjust the budget accordingly. Lower the budget for the mining campaign to eliminate bids on less relevant terms, simultaneously increasing the budget for the [Exact Match] campaign. This strategic budget shift is a cornerstone of Keyword Tapering, enhancing both efficiency and ROI.

Close Variant Scripts To Keep Exact Match ‘Exact’

In the era of Close Variants, ensuring the integrity of [Exact Match] is paramount. The Close Variant Script meticulously combs through [Exact Match] campaigns, identifying and eliminating any search terms deviating from the exact match. This script guarantees that your [Exact Match] campaigns remain truly exact, devoid of any unwanted variations.

Max Out Budget & Impression Share

With a finely-tuned [Exact Match] campaign, the final step is maximizing both budget and impression share. Doubling down on ads with a proven track record ensures optimal returns. This aggressive approach on winners further solidifies the success of your Keyword Tapering strategy.

3 Major Benefits Of Keyword Tapering

Now that the mechanics of Keyword Tapering are laid out, let’s explore the compelling benefits that make it a game-changer in the realm of PPC strategy.

1. Match Type Clarity

Keyword Tapering brings unparalleled clarity to match types. Unlike SKAGs, where match types may muddle together, Keyword Tapering offers a divine perspective. Identifying the best-fit match types becomes a straightforward process, streamlining future analysis and strategic decisions.

2. Focused Budget For Higher ROAS

The inherent precision of Keyword Tapering translates to a radical boost in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). By concentrating the budget on the winners circle campaign, you amplify returns from high-value search terms while eliminating unnecessary spend on less fruitful ones.

3. Fixing Exact Match Misattribution

Keyword Tapering addresses the challenges posed by Google’s Close Variants, ensuring [Exact Match] remains trustworthy. The Close Variant Script acts as a safeguard, preserving the precision of [Exact Match] targeting and preventing misattribution of search terms.


As we wrap up our journey through the dynamic landscape of PPC strategy, one thing is crystal clear – Keyword Tapering is not just an evolution; it’s a game-changer. In the ever-evolving realm of digital advertising, understanding your audience is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

As we step into 2024, the significance of embracing change has never been more apparent. Keyword Tapering isn’t merely a strategy; it’s a paradigm shift. It’s about adapting to the intricate dance of Google’s algorithms and making every click count.

So, here’s the bottom line – don’t skip the learning phase. Consider it an investment, a journey into the minds of your audience. In the age where targeting is akin to hunting, take the time to know your prey well.

Now, let’s talk real-world impact. We’re not just throwing around strategies; we’re offering results. If you’re ready to elevate your PPC game, if you want your budget to work smarter, not harder, we’re here for you.

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