CASE STUDY - Local Cafe & Bistro

Driving Local Foot Traffic with Geotargeted Advertising

FoxMarketeer demonstrated how geotargeted advertising, particularly through Google Ads Performance Max Campaign, can be a game-changer for local businesses.

A charming local cafe located in the heart of city, faced a declining in-store sales.

With stiff competition from neighboring cafes and the rise of online food delivery services, they needed a strategic solution to increase foot traffic and revive their in-store business.

In today’s digital age, local businesses often struggle to bring in foot traffic to their physical stores as online shopping and e-commerce continue to grow.

This case study delves into how FoxMarketeer successfully implemented geotargeted advertising with Google Ads Performance Max Campaign to revitalize a local cafe’s in-store sales. By focusing on a 6km radius around the cafe’s location, FoxMarketeer was able to leverage the power of digital marketing to drive more customers through the cafe’s doors, resulting in a substantial boost in revenue.

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