Exact Match

What is exact match in google ads?

Exact Match is a targeted keyword option where your ads are displayed exclusively for search queries that precisely match the chosen keyword. It’s like using a laser pointer in the digital landscape, ensuring your ads appear only when users type the exact term you’ve specified.


  • Online Shoe Retailer – “Classic Leather Shoes“: For an online shoe retailer with the keyword “leather shoes” set to Exact Match, the ads will only appear when users search for the exact term “leather shoes,” maintaining a high level of precision.
  • Local Bakery – “Fresh Pastries Delivered“: A local bakery using Exact Match for the keyword “fresh pastries” ensures their ads are triggered only when users enter the specific query “fresh pastries,” minimizing exposure to unrelated searches.


When to Use Exact Match:
  • Precise Targeting Goals: Exact Match is ideal when your goal is to achieve the highest level of precision in targeting. It ensures your ads are displayed only for users actively searching for the exact terms you’ve specified.
  • Highly Specific Queries: Use Exact Match for keywords associated with highly specific products, services, or brand names. This is particularly effective for businesses with unique offerings.
Why Use Exact Match:
  • Enhanced Relevance: Exact Match guarantees maximum relevance by aligning your ads precisely with user search queries. This relevance increases the likelihood of engagement and conversions, as users find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Quality Score Impact: Since Exact Match leads to highly relevant ad placements, it often contributes to a higher Quality Score. A higher Quality Score can positively impact your ad rank and lower your cost per click.
How to Use Exact Match:
  • Strategic Keyword Selection: Choose keywords that are essential to your business and directly reflect what users are searching for. These keywords should be specific, ensuring a tight focus on your target audience.
  • Regular Monitoring: Regularly monitor the performance of your Exact Match keywords. Analyze search term reports to identify variations or related terms that users are using, and consider adding them as new Exact Match keywords or negative keywords.
Best Practices and Benefits:
  • Negative Keyword Refinement: Use negative keywords to filter out variations that might not align with your objectives. This refinement ensures your ads only appear for the most relevant queries.
  • Ad Copy Precision: Craft ad copy that is tailored to the specific keywords in your Exact Match group. This enhances the overall user experience and reinforces the alignment between the ad and the search query.
  • Strategic Bidding: Consider strategic bidding for Exact Match keywords, as these are often associated with higher conversion rates. A more aggressive bidding approach can be justified when targeting users with clear purchase intent.

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