Phrase Match

What is Phrase Match in Google Ads?

Phrase Match is a strategic keyword targeting option that allows advertisers to reach a more refined audience while maintaining a degree of flexibility. It involves placing quotation marks around a set of words, ensuring your ads appear for searches that include the exact phrase specified, along with additional words before or after. Think of it as threading the needle between precision and flexibility.


  • Pet Supply Store – “Dog Supplies“: For a pet supply store using “dog supplies” as a Phrase Match, the ads might appear for searches like “best dog supplies,” “affordable dog supplies,” or “online dog supplies store,” ensuring relevance while accommodating variations.
  • Digital Marketing Course – “Online Marketing Courses”: A provider of digital marketing courses using “online marketing courses” as a Phrase Match could have ads triggered by searches such as “top online marketing courses,” “affordable online marketing courses,” or “online marketing courses for beginners.”


When to Use Phrase Match:
  • Balancing Precision and Flexibility: Phrase Match strikes a balance between the precision of Exact Match and the broader reach of Broad Match. Use it when you want your ads to appear for specific phrases but are open to variations that maintain relevance.
  • Capturing User Intent: Employ Phrase Match when capturing user intent is crucial. It ensures your ads are shown for searches closely related to the specified phrase, allowing for a nuanced understanding of user needs.
Why Use Phrase Match:
  • Increased Relevance: Phrase Match enhances ad relevance by targeting users searching for specific phrases. This precision contributes to higher engagement rates and potentially better conversion outcomes.
  • Adaptability to User Queries: Phrase Match adapts to variations in user queries without sacrificing relevance. This flexibility is beneficial in capturing a diverse range of potential customers while maintaining a level of specificity.
How to Use Phrase Match:
  • Strategic Keyword Selection: Choose keywords that encapsulate the core theme of your products or services. Opt for phrases that users are likely to use when actively seeking what you offer.
  • Monitoring Performance: Regularly monitor the performance of your Phrase Match keywords. Analyze search term reports to identify trends, variations, and potential new phrases that align with your goals.
Best Practices and Benefits:
  • Adding Modifiers for Precision: To enhance precision, consider adding modifiers like “+modifier” within your Phrase Match keywords. This ensures your ads appear only when specific terms are included in the user’s query.
  • Negative Keywords for Refinement: Use Negative Keywords to filter out irrelevant variations. This ensures your ads don’t appear for searches that might deviate from your intended audience.
  • Ad Copy Alignment: Craft ad copy that aligns with the chosen phrase. Consistency between the user’s query and your ad messaging improves user experience and reinforces relevance.

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